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The Secret Of The Druids

 CCD Is The Master Of The Intellectual Cliffhanger !!!


Title: The Secret Of The Druids
Author: Christopher C. Doyle
Genre: Fiction
Publishers:  Westland Ltd
Price: INR. 350
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


So it's been two years now since our last encounter with Vijay's clique,smart folks  who'd solved several ancient puzzles in his way through previous CCD's page-rippers. 21st of June mark the release of the CCD's newest instalment of The Mahabharata Quest, ' The Secret Of The Druids '. After two back to back best-sellers it's already clear what CCD can do with this genre. He has perfected the breathless art of cliffhanger chapters with historic background mingled with mythology and science. Usually stretching between 350-370 pages, a reader doesn't have to worry about length  'cause the engrossing storyline wields the grip till the very end and takes the reader on a fun ride which is mired with the ancient myths and the anecdotes of Julius Ceaser.
Which brings me to the surest way readers can tell whether they landed in CCD's novel:  A Machination of a very old organisation to arrogate the secret of the ancient times( Mahabharata) and the litany takes place in such a way which brought Vijay & company on the same adventure.
The Country in ' The Secret Of The Druids ' is U.K., where in the beginning of present year a posse of skilled assassins,headed by a woman, broke into the house of Ernest Hamilton, a Historian and a Manuscript collector, to retrieve the location of three Roman Coins that were unearthed by Ernest's grandfather several years ago. Sensing the danger to his life, he somehow escapes from his assassins to alert his daughter about the upcoming danger. Meanwhile, our main protagonist, Vijay ,in the company of Alice, lands in London to get a decent look of the another part of the artefact that had been handed over to him by K.S in Gurgaon. After getting the pictures of the artefact, both Alice & Vijay rides to Saul Goldfield, who's an old friend of Alice & the finest historian in the EU region, for decryption of cuneiform over the artefact. The inscription talks about the anecdote of Semiramis which was considered as mythical Queen by historians. While the Vijay & friends were analysing the inscription, a phone call to Saul impetuously lift the pace of plot which again put the mandarins of Vijay in competing  with  the 'Order' ( 'Order' is an ancient organisation which was considered seedier by the Ashoka & his advisors in the book ) which again brought 'em to concern the Mahabharata which made multiple nexus with anecdotes of Julius Ceaser, Semiramis & the Druids.
As with CCD's other works, it’s more fun to read “ The Secret Of The Druids” when you accept that every whoa-full tidbit is true. CCD is at his best when he makes readers believe that Mahabharata's Shlokas( Proses)  are just covers for the road map of acquiring the ancient weapon.
And What about Radha ? So IB traced Saxena's path to the Al-Sarafa Hospital in Abu Dhabi where Radha was declared dead after a week and then her dead body was transported  which IB failed to locate. So it's just cul-de-sac for the readers in Radha's scenario 'cause, I as a reader still failed to be convinced that Radha is dead.
One of the most compelling mysteries in 'The Secret Of The Druids'  isn't just the nexus of Mahabharata but also the secret that links the megalithic sites of Britain to the Druids, Ceaser & Semiramis. CCD has perspicaciously linked the west to the east.

Loophole : Security Cordon that had warned Petrovsky to stay away from Vijauy & Co. was absent during the whole scenario of encounter b/w Vijay & assassins at Penny's apartment.
So read 'The Secret of The Druids' to learn about the historical monuments and watch coteries in race with each other to retrieve the secret.

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