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Lucid , Gripping & Unputdownable !!!


Title: The Seeker
Author: Karan Bajaj  
Genre: Fiction
Publishers:  Penguin Books
Price: INR.250
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


The Seeker is a gripping fable that'll be enough to soothe the mind and left the reader to think about his inner self. With a pertinent title,the plot revolves around a New York Based investment banker Max who was bereaved by the death of his mother after battling cancer and the same kindle the thought of spiritual enlightenment in him.
The book's first few pages housed the context which makes a well-settled banker initiate the journey of his inner transformation. After seeing off his mother, Max & his sister, Sophie, were walking down to the home in chilling winter, when they stumble into an Indian food-cart owner, Viveka, donning a thin cloth. A day later Max's mother passed away and while on his way back from his mother's memorial service that evening, Max accosted Viveka & initiated the conversation while eating at the food stall which ended up with fixing a bug in Max's mind about the Himalayan Yogis who sits in the caves & meditate for years even below thirty/forty degree .And this short conversation marks the incipient of Max's Spiritual Journey to India,a country considered by many to be the birthplace of humanity's quest for spiritual enlightenment.But sudden litany makes him travel to a remote ashram in south India.Tale is so gripping that every event ended up with up quizzing' Is he going to get what he's seeking? '.
The Seeker is an adventurous & inspiring allegory about a human's inner transformation in the 21st century with well-weaved protagonist & side characters in synchronisation with the tale. Ramakrishna is bolted as a modest & humble guru.He sticks to his reply on asking if he will share his teaching.'I didn't teach anything.I just live here. You alone decide what you want & understand what you get. for me, yoga is both my path & my goal.' Then there's Shakti, an Italian astrologer who took a year sabbatical from her studies to find some edifying answers. Then there's this Nani-Maa, a paradigm of selfless love, kindness & care, who saved max twice. She's the owner of a guesthouse which is open to everyone for 24x7 and feeds the guest whatever they need.
So The Seeker is an unputdownable & must read book 

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