Friday, 8 April 2016

Even The Devil Cried !!!

RECAPITULATION 1 : ' Freedom At Midnight '

In those days , India & Pakistan were not born but actually ripped apart. Even the cruelest, manufacturer of that doctrine of partition, wept for one or another reason. Jinnah had been 41 when he fell madly in love with Ruttie, 17 year old daughter of his close friend. Ruttie had been equally mesmerized by Jinnah. But her furious father had obtained a court order forbidding his ex-friend to see his daughter. & on 18th birthday, she stalked out of her millionaire father's mansion & went off to marry Jinnah. Their marriage lasted 10 years. She grew into a spectacular beautiful woman. She was not a gay, vivacious socialite and an ardent & quick tounged Indian nationalist. On one occasion, at a luncheon in New Delhi, she was seated next to the Viceroy,Lord Reading, who was lamenting the fact that in the atmosphere of world war I it's quite difficult for him to visit Germany. But why, asked Ruttie Jinnah, was it so difficult ? ' Well ' explained Reading,' the Germans don't really like us British. I can't go.' ' Then', Ruttie quietly asked,' how is it that you British came to India?'
The differences in their ages & temperaments produced their strains. Ruttie's flamboyance & outspokenness often embarrassed Jinnah. For all his passionate love for her, the unbending Jinnah found it difficult to communicate with her mercurial, blithe-spirited wife. Jinnah's dream collapsed in 1928, when the beautiful wife she'd loved but failed to understand walked out on him. A year later in 1929, she died of an overdose of Morphine. And in the August of 1947 in Bombay,he placed his bouquet, on her grave, for the last time. He wept like a child !

                                           - Rahul Rai Khatri

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