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What To Say When You Talk To Yourself

A Treasure To Conquer yourself back !!!


Title: What To Say When You Talk To yourself
Author: Shad Helmstetter  
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publishers:  Thorsons
Price: INR. 199
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


Few days back while scrolling Amazon, this book, out of blue, popped up as a recommendation on my screen, probably on the basis of my earlier search about Dale Carnegie's books. But what ceased me that moment to go through the initial details and reviews of the book is the name ' What To Say When You Talk to Yourself '. Words always have an influence on humans, they are one of the most potent weapons if used efficiently could wage or stop a war, initiate a settlement or a brawl. When the world was split into two, some housed in the balcony of 'Allies' and some in ' Axis ', there exist, two leaders, with completely different personalities but the one thing that was common among 'em was their ability to use the words to influence millions to follow 'em.One was Gandhi, struggling to get his Nation independence from the colonial rule but with the teachings of non-violence~'Ahinsa' and, on the contrary, has Adolf Hitler who spewed the aggressive words among his people to win states with illegitimacy & hence turned the whole world into a crisis that cost millions of lives.So, if words have been powerful enough to initiate the chain of events that could change the history of mankind then surely their usage on ourself turned out to be a deciding factor in our own personality.
I'd read so many motivational & self-help books but honestly, this is the first time I felt as if the techniques mentioned in the book to elevate in life are possible enough to put in action practically. 
'What to Say When You Talk To Yourself ' holds the technique to become a motivator of yourself when needs to be. the book highlights how some negative words that we use in day to day life causes the failure and anxiety and how to replace those negative thoughts slowly and steadily with positive ones to enjoy the life with joy and smiles. In his lucid writing, Author had bolted how the self-talks could be a game changer in our life, how the self-conscious mind which works 24x7 and accepts every single thought as truth just like any naive do, without analyzing the thought as positive or negative and hence plays an important role to change our lives. Supply of positive thoughts to the subconscious mind keeps us mentally fit as fresh vegetables did and the negative thoughts slowly and steadily make us the piece of junk & a basic reason to came across severe failures many times. Hence, it's finally turns out to be our own responsibility for ourself to supply our mind with positive thoughts and then comes this book into picture which helps us to critically understand the situation and then facilitates the techniques to get the solution .

So we can rely on ourself to optimize our outlook, focus our plans and keep ourself on top, in going for it! We can do it by adapting the simple techniques of Self-Talk, and understand the power of Key Phrases like:
# I choose my thoughts. No thought, at any time, can dwell in my mind without my permission.
# I have talents, skills, and abilities -and I'm discovering new talents all the time.
This book holds how, when & where to use self-talk techniques to ensure a relax and cheerful life not just as a student but also as an employee & Yes, the author had also depicted the self-talk of the addicts to get rid of the addictions. So grab this book & give yourself the kind, determined and loving support that you like to give to your best friend. Harness the power of the ultimate motivator-You.

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