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Dial D for Don

Thoroughly Gripping !!!


Title: Dial D for Don
AuthorNeeraj Kumar 
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publishers:  Penguin Books 
Price: INR. 399
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


'Dial D for Don ' penned by the former commissioner of Police, Neeraj Kumar, reads like a spectacular crime novel and contains the real stories from one of the India's premiere law enforcement agency. The author had embedded 11 high-profile cases which had brought lavish acknowledgment & gratitude to the author as well as to the CBI.
Most of the accounts in the book are the cases that were handled by him while his tenure in CBI. Every single story mentioned is special in its own way. 
In ' Gifts From the Gulf: The Rise & fall of Aftab Ansari ', the author has given a riveting account of apprehending a group of smugglers which eventually lead him & his team to the immediate new rising star on the horizon of Indian Crime scene, with all makings of Dawood Ibrahim. This case not just disclosed the efficient working of CBI but also gave a brief idea of India's diplomatic relation with the countries which in the time of need provides complete support.
In ' Operation Desert Safari: The Story of an anti-kidnapping operation ', the author writes one of the most thrilling cases of the book of hunting down a well knew & dreaded kidnapper who had abducted a Dubai Based NRI entrepreneur, Thekkat Siddhique. The victim had traveled home in search of green pastures.While kidnapped & held hostage in his own home country, were to pay ransom in Dubai, but the hard work of the team on analyzing the minute clues which lead 'em to the kidnappers.
'Dial D for Don; My conversation with Dawood Ibrahim ' holds the synopsis of the Mumbai serial Bomb blast cases and also talks about the Manish Lala, then Law Minister of D Company, who was arrested by CBI and later made Dawood talk to the author.
By solving " ' Atithi Devo Bhawa': Busting the 'Lapka Gang ' ",, CBI putting the miscreants, who were responsible for tarnishing the image of India & its culture, behind the bar. A set of complaints were handed over to the author from his UK counter part which gave vivid details of how low budget-mainly young white girls-fall prey to unscrupulous criminals during their visits to Jaipur , Delhi & Agra in north India and CBI without losing their focus track down the culprits & bust the racket which was spread from Delhi to Jaipur .
'Ayeesa Kya?' : The unmaking of Latif, revolves around Abdul Latif, a gambler, bootlegger, kidnapper, extortionist, hired assassin and mobster par excellence. A mere mention of his name was enough to send shivers down the spine of businessmen, rival gang members and politicians whose notoriety spread beyond the borders of Gujrat, particularly to Rajasthan, Daman, MP, Delhi, Karachi & Dubai. If Bollywood grapevine is to be believed, another biopic on him, named Raees, is also in work.He built a Robinhood type of image and in 1987, lodged in jail, he contested the Ahmedabad elections from five wards and won in all five. By late 1980s, his ultimate ambition of becoming Dawood Ibrahim was realized in substantial measure.Things turned in a dramatic manner that even Dawood thought it prudent to make peace with him. And nabbing such gangster in cooperation with Gujrat ATS officers ,brought pride to the agency. 
' Our Man in Dubai: The CBI versus the ISI ' is centered around the Memon family whose members were then accused of conspiring serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. Tiger Memom who played the direct role in a blast from providing RDX to safety fuses and detonators flew to Dubai & then to Karachi with his family & put under the heavy protection of ISI.With time, family found it suffocating to stay away from their motherland and Yaqub Memon's family, Tiger's brother, flown to Dubai which was later rescued from the Shadow of ISI"s spies by CBI with the help of Yaqub's cousin.
In ' The Return Gift: The Arrest and deportation of Roshan Ansari ', Neeraj Kumar explains the case of Roshan Ansari who murdering her own daughter flew to India and on Dubai's call, Neeraj & his team tracked down the culprit and deport her immediately after arrest.
' Devil Wears Khadi: The Unmasking of Romesh Sharma ' is bolted about Romesh Sharma who had a personal helicopter in the back of his villa and crowded suspicion of Law enforcement which ultimately lead 'em to a nexus between Abu Salem & Romesh.
' Salim, the Disposable: Tracing absconder Salim Kurla ' reveals an insightful investigation of apprehending Salim and also includes the account of 21 April 1998 when Members of Chotta Rajan's gang shot him in the hospital .
' Baithha hai, sir,baitha hai!' : The netting of the Punjab CM's assassin, is a nerve-racking story of zeroing CM Beant Singh's assassin on the tip of one of the local police informer.

With such gripping stories, author had thrashed the image of CBI of being a caged parrot of Central Government. So, This book is must read which tells what should have been known and isn't - that CBI is as formidable as its recognized physical strength.

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