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Title: Only Time Will Tell 
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction
Publishers:  Pan MacMillan
Price: INR. 399
Goodreads Rating: 4/5


 No doubt, Jeffrey Archer in himself is the definition of ' Pacy ' when it comes to Thriller genre and that's the reason I picked up the ' Only Time Will Tell ', an opening instalment of ' The Clifton Series '. The book was launched in 2011 & got an impulsive response on the day of launch throughout the world & even claimed the title of the best seller on the very day of launch in India.
This epic tale is narrated majorly in 3rd form from the point of view of 5 different characters which are interleaved with each other till the very end but the focus remains the same, Harry Clifton.
So the plot launched with the narration from the protagonist's point of view, Harry. Harry used to live in Bristol with his Mother's family & had been told by everyone that his father died in the World War I while fighting against his Majesty's enemies. Young Harry used to spend a major chunk of the day on docks with his uncle Stan with whom he used to have the same set of talks every day but his visits turned fruitful when he got the company of Old Tar. In school, Harry's potential to be an extraordinary student was first noticed by his headmaster & later the  thought was second by Old Tar which later on was supported by many generous characters who wished to saw Harry reach new heights i.e to initially get into a prestigious high school following the dilemma to be the part of the finest grad college or the war against Nazi Germany while facing the ship of his relation sinking down . Set in the post-WWI era, Archer's masterful hands took readers on the journey that no one wished to end, leaving numerous questions in hopping mind.
As expected, Archer had portrayed every single character in a unique way. Beginning with the protagonist, Harry who is embedded as a curious kid, mature more than his age and lucky enough to had some really good friends in life. Maise Clifton, Harry's Mom, had played the role of an ideal mother who worked labouriously to make sure that Harry's school bills would be paid on time, Now my favorite character, Old Tar who's not just a good mentor of Harry but also a good human being that only a few lucky ones could have . He smashed every possible thorn that could halt Harry's way to success. 
Giles Barrington, Son of a rich businessman Hugo Barrington, who is embedded as Harry's best friend and unlike Harry belongs to an influential family. His friendship directly / indirectly had rescued Harry on numerous occasions. Then comes Deakins, a nerd and the third Musketeer who's a scholarship student & stay glued to Harry & Giles in their thick & thin. 
Albeit the book is a page turner throughout the plot but act as Soporific pill on 1-2 stances.
So ' Only Time Will Tell ' is a rip-roaring read with a wide scale of imagination that'll pull the strings of brain one by one as per Archer's standards.

" I find I don't learn a lot while I'm talking "

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