Monday, 9 November 2015


What's Your Story 

"Captivating tête-à-têtes... conclusive sales pitch... impressive business plans... successful job interviews... exciting presentations... they all involve people. 
Your triumph or failure, here, is a function of how deep your impact was. 
For a storyteller, creating an impact can be as easy as striking a conservation, but for those unaware of this prowess it can be as difficult as putting a man on moon. 
People around the world have been increasingly using stories to mesmerize and influence their audiences. 
Storytelling is not a science, it's an art. Only and only practice can help you master it. 
'What's Your Story' delves into the world of stories and offers key mantras of storytelling to the readers. 
A must read for budding managers, entrepreneurs, engineers, leaders, authors and CEOs. 
'Next time you want to create an impact? Go ahead, tell a story.' 

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About the Author :

Born and brought up in Kanpur, Sankalp is a MBA Graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai. An entrepreneurial soul with an imprint of a perfectionist, he is a workaholic who believes in turning every single moment of life into something more constructive and fruitful. 
He is a person who holds his parents above all, especially his mother. All his dreams and aspirations are driven by one belief--that of making his parents proud. 
His earlier works with the pen, in the form of 'Because…Every Raindrop is a HOPE' and 'When I Found You, I Found Myself' has resonated loudly with his readers. With his third book, 'Hackster' he has ventured into a new genre where his contemporary and provocative self, comes alive in a sci-fi thriller. 
On a professional front, Sankalp is a Self-Driven Management professional and a storyteller with over four years of managerial experience and around 4 GB of stories from the corporate world. His success in the corporate world is a direct function of his storytelling skills. 
When out of office, he is mostly chasing his dream of creating an impact in the world. He has a strong belief that, writing and storytelling, if understood properly, can act as a very powerful tool for budding engineers, managers and entrepreneurs of India. An Ex-speaker at IIMs and IITs, he has conducted various highly interactive events and seminars on 'How to Lead with a Story' and 'The Art of Storytelling' in colleges across India. 
He is currently working on a venture which aims at making use of stories in teaching. Armed with the thought of bringing about a change in the education industry of India, he continues his uphill journey with profound faith.

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