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RIP-ROARING Babur's History !


Title: Raiders From The North
Author: Alex Rutherford
Genre: Ficton
Publishers: Hachette india 
Price: INR. 399
Goodreads Rating : 5/5


Raiders from the North is the First installment of Empire Of The Moghul series focusing on Babur's life from the dangerously young age of inheriting the crown to last breath he took after conquering Rana Sanga & establishing Moghul Dynasty in Hindustan .
The Story opens with the sudden demise of Umar-Shaikh , King of Ferghana elevating his son , Babur , as the new King at the very age of 12 with impossible challenges around but he was determined as his ancestor Timur with the courage to conquer great .
When Babur decided to annex Samarkand from his uncle then Baisanghar , an officer of Samarkand and later surrender his loyalty to Babur , reached him with the news of death of Babur's Uncle and his last wish of placing Babur as the New King of Samarkand . But sudden trigger of events change the life of Babur & his immediate family from the Marriage of his dearest sister with his enemy to live a life of King without any kingdom . 
Author has beautifully crafted the plot by deeply characterizing the Characters . 

Our Main Protagonist , Babur , who's portrayed as a mighty warrior , Trained swordsman & Horse-rider and a true leader  who had never deserted his people in lows . Extreme Loyalty & sharpness of Wazir Khan as a father-figure keeps  , Babur away from Treacherous Plots & tribal rivalries . Then there is Babur's Grandmother Esan Daulat who always advise Babur with practical approach . Author leaves the mark of True Brother-Sister relation by depicting Khanzada , babur's dearest sister and his closest aide who act as a warden of Kingdom in his absence . Baburi , a market Boy , who met Babur during a campaign in his early years but turned out to be one of the trusted aide . Betrayal of his half brother Jahangir , Shabni Khan and other makes Babur a Wise Ruler , teaching him to act harsh when time comes .Humayun , Babur's son from Maham is portrayed as a trustworthy son & rightful heir of Moghul Dynasty after Babur . 

Fav. Moments :

# When Babur Recieved Timur's Ring .
# Babur's Raids after losing his kingdom
# Conversation with Baburi
# Esan Daulat's wise words
# Birth of Humayun
# Battle of Panipat with Ibrahim Lodhi
# Description of Hindukush , Hindustan & Koh-I-Noor .

Rutherford has distorted history & served this story for every foodie who loves to eat History with action , thrill & lessons which shape the life of a ruler .Raiders is  pacy &  war scenes are described in intricate detail making it a MUST READ !

" Sometimes the Bravest - and the hardest- is to wait "

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                                                                            - Rahul Rai Khatri

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