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Thriller with an Economical Car's Pace !!!


Title: Mumbai Avengers
Author: S.Hussain Zaidi
Genre: Ficton
Publishers: Harper Collins Publishers India 
Price: INR. 199
Goodreads Rating : 3/5


MUMBAI AVENGERS as described has been a sentiment , a dream and an ambition especially in the post 26/11 scenario . After US Intrusion deep inside pakistan to assasinate Osama Bin Laden who's responsible for thousands of innocent killings , every single Indian Citizen wants same from their Government to go inside the enemy territory and avenge the death of Indians in 2611 . Plot hatched with the JPC Meet headed by Retired Lt. Syed Ali Waris who is strongly in favour to avenge Mumbai to seek justice by dispatching the masterminds of 2611 to hell but as happens in India , the meet ended with politics of we-are-not-a-peaceful-nation . But the scenario of an assassination attempt on PM Designate pull the strings in Secretary R's brain to carry out the operation of eliminating the terrorist to give a message that India can retaliate well and with that the Journey of Mumbai avenger begins extending from Karachi to Stockholm , Dubai to Istanbul and even includes 7 RCR . The illustrious and patriotic lineage accorded Waris a meritorious position in the army and he has been tasked to carry out the covert operation with a team including a police officer , a suave tech expert , a scientist and two battle hardened army officers . They annihilate the perpetrators with single minded focus , veiling the death as natural ones to save the Indian government from diplomatic and political embarrassment . Every assassination leaves the threads which let the avengers being pursued by ISI . 
No doubt the story line is the dream of every single citizen of India . With the book , author tried to patch a message to the government to carry out such surgical strike to eliminate those who are a direct threat to Nation . a message that why can't India act as Israel . Why can't an act of violence to Indian citizen is considered as an act of war against the Nation as US & Israel does . The failure of the will power of government is considered as the inability to carry ant assault of Our Agencies . Author with the characters , their acts and with their sense of patriotism , shows how there are many unnamed soldiers who works in the dark to protect this nation from any ill , Soldiers who can never be medaled , True Heroes of Nation whom existence is denied by the government in case they are caught .
I bought this book with the hope to read a pacy thriller , cliffhanger one which keeps me sit on the edge but the narration shattered all the attempts .Plot  line is good but the way of narration is very poor , words which let the adrenaline rush aren't bolted well . Lines which let any defense enthusiast to glued with the book are missing ! So That's why the book is a thriller but with a middle-class /economical class car's speed .

" .... But your names will never be known . If they are known , it will be by those who want to hunt you down and kill you . That is the price we pay for our vengeance . "
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