Thursday, 20 August 2015

In- Conversation with Author K. Hari Kumar

Rahul : what lead you to write The Frequent Visitor  ? Did you enjoy writing a supernatural genre  ? Would you write another ? 

Author : My fascination with ghost stories led me to writing about the supernatural. Of course, Paranormal is my niche. 

Rahul : Would you kindly debrief about The Frequent Visitor for all those who yet to taste your book ? 

Author : It is an old school horror, blending classic gothic and Indian folklore together, while reflecting on the social evils of our nation and the confused psyche of an Englishman.

Rahul : What challenges you face while writing The Frequent Visitor ?

Author : I like to finish my writing in one go. If I take a break, then I get back to writing after weeks, which kinda brings a discontinuity.

Rahul : What else you want your readers to know ? Consider here your liked & dislikes , your interests and hobbies , your favourite ways to unwind-whatever comes in mind.

Author : Music is a must. I do not write without a good background score to go with the mood of the chapter that I am working on. Research is another important thing, and I do not let my mind wander, I stick to a plan while writing.

Rahul : What line comes to your mind when someone flags the name " Book " ?

Author : A mass market paperback.

Rahul : Give us three " Good to know " facts about you . Tell us about your first job , any fun detail you like to share.

Author : I indulge myself in theology and philosophy. I love learning languages, and like to trace the root of every word (etymology). The reason why I regard Sanskrit as the greatest language. Apart from writing, I indulge myself in photography & farming.

Rahul :  What are the favourite books to give- & get- as gifts ?

Author : I used gift people a copy of The Alchemist until my book When Strangers Meet came. As for receiving, I leave it up to the person who is gifting me.

Rahul : Name the books which inspires you in any-ways in your life .

Author : Alchemist once inspired. S Radhakrishnan's Indian Philosophy inspired me. Other than that Ashtavakra Gita is the most recent book which inspired me.

Rahul : What are you reading right now ? Are there any authors ( Dead or alive ) that you would name as influences .

Author : I am reading Nirmala by Premchand (Hindi). Yes, Roald Dahl, Satyajit Ray, Albert Camus, Dan Brown, Paulo Coelho, S Radhakrishnan, Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, Kalidas.

Rahul :  We'd heard the whispers that you're writing a book in collaboration with another author . Do enlighten us over the matter

Author : Well, it is a trilogy and I have already finished the first book. I am hoping for a Dussehra release. The book is a never before tested kind of literature in the Indian market. A risk that most publishers did not want to take. It is a blend of Scifi, Fantasy, Romance and Mythology (both Vedic and Biblical). A story that begins in 2000BC Egypt and continues in present day Mumbai, Spain and Egypt.

Rahul : What do you love the most as the citizen of India.

Author : Being 'Bhartiya'

Rahul :  Few days back  our beloved Former President Dr. APJ Abdul kalam's sudden demise shook everyone in India . Nation mourns for his great son . Had you ever met President Kalam ? How President Kalam inspired you ? 

Author : Never had the pleasure of meeting Dr Kalam. There are many remarkable traits of the great man, but the one that sets him apart from the rest is his 'Nationalism'. There is a clear distinction between foolish patriotism and proud nationalism, and he is the symbol of the latter. Dr Kalam (and few others) inspired me to be a nationalist.

- Rahul Rai Khatri 

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