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Yea-Yea to Page Turner 


Aisha is trapped in her own secret which makes her life hell. Her love for Raghav is true. But hailing from two very different cultures is the basis of their continued friction. Aisha is a Punjabi girl from Gurgaon and Raghav a Bihari from Ranchi. Raghav's family will certainly not accept a girl from outside their community. And yet, he continues giving her false hopes through his efforts and promises. And then they take a step which entangles her life further. Will she manage to come out of this quandary or must she continue to live in her self-created web? Explore her journey that makes her realise the atrocities being committed on women in the Indian society and the tough decisions she must take, keeping her most loved ones oblivious to everything happening in her life. About the author Shikha Khanduja Kaul is an Indian author who was born in Amritsar, Punjab. Her family moved to Gurgaon in 1992 and she has seen the city grow from a small town to being the Millennium City of India. She completed her schooling from Gurgaon and later graduated with Honours in Physics from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HR) from Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning. A mother to a beautiful daughter and a wife to the handsomest husband, a daughter to loving parents and a daughter-in-law to the most caring parents-in-law, she works in the Staffing Industry and is passionate about penning her thoughts and creating stories out of thin air. She loves to dance and spend time with her little princess. In short, she can be described as a complete woman who ensures she goes to bed with a content smile every day; someone who manages her 24 hours, balancing both her personal and professional lives, perfectly. 


                     Book trailer- 'Hidden Husband' by Shikha Kaul


Title: Hidden Husband 
Author: Shikha Kaul
Genre: Ficton
Publishers: Gargi Publishers.
Price: INR. 195
Goodreads Rating : 4/5


Hidden Husband is a romantic debut by Shikha Kaul staring the life of the girl who was trapped in her own secrets . Story revolves around a Punjabi girl , Aisha who works as HR Head in a MNC in Gurgaon , who met Raghav while taking his interview for joining the company . With time , they started sharing table in the canteen while lunch hours and from there blooms the love between them . Raghav is basically from Ranchi , Bihar and belongs to a family which are winded up with terms of old tradition like not accepting girl/guy from another caste , dowry , killing girl child etc . Raghav glued to her with false promises . One day she stumble into Sameer , who was her ex-classmate and lives in London . Sameer is on a month off to India & had a crush on Aisha since 4th standard which takes the story to new level . Author has put wise-words by plotting conversation with god 
Author has bolted various social issues like eve teasing , Terrorism , How humans are divided on the name of religion , corruption and many more in brief . Albeit Author has highlighted the corruption but the protagonist is portrayed as a corrupt person who flows with this dirt inspite of fighting against it . 
Sameer is the character that I grew most attached to in this novel while Raghav and Aisha are considered as bit of negative characters by me . Lie to Parents is one of of the biggest sin that any one could commit and they did that . Inspite of staying on Path of Righteous , they turned for what was convinent .
Story stays " Yea-yea " ( good but not very Good ) till half of the book because somewhere I'm dragging myself to read inspite of natural reading because of of negative vibes radiation but with the 2nd half ,which let me give 4/5 rating inspite of 3/5 , story turns into a "Page Turner " which let me glued till the last page and LAST PAGE IS WRITTEN IN A MANNER THAT IT LET THE READER TURN THE PAGE !
I think Author need to put a different prologue which doesn't reveal anything big except a part of Aisha's life and so did the Title of the Book . Current Prologue spill the beans upto large extent losing lots of twists 
So HIDDEN HUSBAND is an outstanding debut and reading the book while travelling elevates the fun numerous times ! And if Adopted as a motion picture ( Karan Johar's K3B type movies  )  , could do really well in Bollywood !

" It's easy to acknowledge but difficult to forget the past "

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This is Not a Paid Review ! I received this Book as a Review Copy from Author  & The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbiased and uninfluenced . "

                                                                            - Rahul Rai Khatri

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