Friday, 14 August 2015

Chit Chat With Blogger Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay

" Something in the lines of my regret of not getting enough time to finish my TBR List of books. "

    Rahul :   First of all Thanks Ma'am for giving your Precious time. So First of all How does it feel to be among top ranking bloggers of India .

DDS : Thank You for having me over.
It will sound very clichéd, but I don’t feel that way. I know there are a lot many better and quality Indian Book Bloggers out there. I am just happy to be able to contribute to the book blogging community.
Rahul: When did you read your first book? And Which One?

DDS : Technically it was a kid’s book that I got my hands on while interviewing to get into a primary school. The principal of that school was so impressed with my love for the book that she had taken out to check how far along I was, that she gifted me that book along with a fairy tale book at the end of the session. (And yes, I got into the school) But I remember starting to take reading seriously with works of Satyajit Ray when I was around 7-8 years old. He still tops the list of my favourite authors.

      Rahul : Who pushed you first time to read Novels? And How many Books You've read so far?
DDS : Both my parents are bookworms, so I guess it was in my genes and nobody really ever had to push me to reading. It sort of happened.  I have read over 2000 books so far. But I don’t have the exact figure for you.

Rahul :   What alarms in your mind with the word " Book "

DDS : Peace / Adventure / Thrills… It depends on what I am reading at the moment. But Yes, I prefer books over almost everything in the world.

Rahul :     Do you think reading book is also a kind of therapy which relieves the mind in today's world.

DDS : Yes it is. There is nothing more relaxing and fun than delving into the pages of a book and getting lost in its pages, discovering new worlds, meeting new people… and escaping the reality, even if it is for a short while.

Rahul :      Name some of your favorite authors.
DDS : Satyajit Ray, Agatha Christie, Lee Child, Sarah J Maas, Chris Kuzneski, J.K. Rowling, James Runcie, John Grisham, ShatrujeetNath, Rachelle Ayala, Eileen Harris…

Rahul :   Which kind of genre you like the most.

DDS :        My favourite is Mystery/Thriller. But these days I also love Young Adult and Fantasy.

Rahul :      How do you rate yourself any Dancer?

DDS :     I am pretty good at it actually. I have had formal training in Bharatnatyam, Creative and Fusion dances. In fact, after reading, it is my favourite thing to do. But these days, I dance only when I am alone.

Rahul :      Your favorite holiday destination &What makes your day?

DDS :      Having grown up at Darjeeling, I love hill stations. So, any hill station in India would be ideal vacationing spot for me. Apart from that, I have a weird obsession with Italy. If I can, I would love to visit Italy someday and explore every nook and corner of that country.
Receiving books and calls/messages from friends and good food can cheer me up any time/any day.

Rahul : We've seen some successful authors who prior writing books were bloggers. So do we expect a mind-boggling book by you soon?

DDS :         I have no plans of turning into an author. I am not creative enough to come up with something as awesome as Harry Potter or Jack Reacher. And I will not write unless it is something as great and life changing as that. So, it is safe to say, No.

Rahul :   You de-stress by ...

DDS :        Reading, Dancing and Listening to music.

Rahul :    Your favourite snack while reading books.

DDS :       A cup of coffee and cookies, or popcorn and juice.

Rahul :    Now Answer with Flash , the first word comes in your mind after listening :

DDS :* Food  - Divine
*Movie  - Thrillers
*Song  - Bird
*Sportsmen – Boris Becker
*Pen - Pal
*Words - Scrabble

Rahul :   The last line of your autobiography would read ...
   DDS : Something in the lines of my regret of not getting enough time to finish my TBR List of books.

Rahul :   Tips for Book Bloggers.

DDS :        Keep it authentic and simple. And ofcourse, keep reading!

- Rahul Rai Khatri

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