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World's Best Boyfriend


Another compelling read from the National Best Seller Durjoy Datta . WORLD'S BEST BOYFRIEND is a hooking tale that let the reader get completely lost in the plot , Book is so gluey that it let the reader sticked to the book and let just the pages turn .

After finishing the book , I found the front cover to be completely apt and suits the story . With Blue background , DURJOY DATTA on Top and then comes the Heart build from puzzles , actually incomplete and Beneath it is written the title World's Best Boyfriend . Catching thing in the cover is ofcourse the name of the book and more than that , over-writing  BEST over Worst in the Book's name.

Same Blue background and on it written is the synopsis of the book and some pieces of puzzle .

The writing is great and as promised by Author in one of interview , book consists of around  80, 000 words , giving it length of 288 page , This book has atleast one difficult word in 3-4 page which really help in raising the vocabulary of reader .

Plot ~ World's Best Boyfriend revolves around the protagonists name Dhruv and Aranya . Story is narrated in Third person and is really fun reading it . Dhruv and Ananya met when they were 12 . Aranya was a sharp and intelligent girl but suffering from , Vitiligo , a disease causing patchy skin which makes her an easy target of mob's laughter . Even her Parents treats her as a curse . On other side , Dhruv , whose mom is a teacher . His Mom & Dad keep in brawl everytime and ended up being divorced and Dhruv's custody is taken up by his Dad while his mom gets married to the person she loves . 
Dhruv & Aranya , first met in school and fell in love and then 3 months later events unfold in a manner that Dhruv was kicked out from the school because of Aranya . And then years later , Fate let them cross their ways again . Both got admission in same college & in same class . In all these years , both had generated hatred for each other . Both burning ablaze to avenge what happened years ago in school . And in college , both did best to destroy one another but they both are in love except the fact none want to acknowledge . Hatred is a strong emotion , and , you don't feel it for someone worthless . And if that someone is worth something them that someone might be worth loving at same point . 
The plot is actually cooked up by my favourite character in the book ,Sanchit, Dhruv's only friend who talks insane and really makes the whole story worth reading , humrous too .
Beside the main characters , There is Dhruv's Dad , which in beginning , I , found creepy but developed pity for him when he described the truth behind Their divorce . Selfless man he is .Next comes , Aranya's Father , who I found a certified Bastard , a conservative man thinks just about society not his daughter . So I found same emotions for Aranya's Mom and Brother . Next comes Ritika , Dhruv's Girlfriend , a melodramatic girl who's in love with Dhruv but not an eternal-type love , just the love-for-sake . Raghuvir , A young genius , Aranya's professor with whom Aranya fell in love . 
The book is pack with action , emotions , Hatred , love and Friendship . With the book , author tried to tip a basic fact that Hate & Love both consists of 4 words , better to choose Love and as wrote earlier , if you find someone to hate , then that someone possibly be good enough to fell in love with .


Title: World's Best Boyfriend
Author: Durjoy Datta
ISBN: 978-0-143-42463-5
Genre: Romance
Publishers: Penguin metro reads 
Price: INR. 175

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                                             - Rahul Rai Khatri

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