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Fast , Clever.......Blockbuster Perfection !

Simply Fantastic ! For all Who love to read brain-shaking-thrillers than just Thriller !
THE KARACHI DECEPTION , pen down by Shatrujeet Nath , is an exhilarating thriller . A book which keep readers hooked from Ist page to last and Yes I'll say the writing flow let the book  a-self-leaf-turner piece  . Truly Un-put-downable ! This book is capable of shaking 12-Pound mass lying between our shoulders .
 It's the first Novel that I ever read . I bet not even a single reader can put a mark that book is the debut . This  piece of Fiction is jam-packed with tricks . In my account , I'll say every citizen of The Republic of India , who knew even a bit about underworld , definitely going to  love  this . Author had put an idea which I don't think anyone can ever have even  in their wildest dreams . :)

Cover with Black background and having Map showcasing lower western sector of India having Bhuj and Karachi in clear sight . A Gun is also posed on the map and the map is in the circle made of fences . Above the Figure is the name of book THE KARACHI DECEPTION in a colour combination of light white, yellow and green colour clearly showcasing a type of Camouflage and beneath the figure is the name of author .
The back cover of book is updated with  great reviews and beneath them is the short summary about the book . Three circumcised rings of Fences also embedded in the back-ground .
As wrote earlier , no one can believe that this finest piece of Mind-Shaking Thriller is a debut from an author .
Book is all about a Project put in course by top brass of Indian Law enforcement to assassinate Mumbai's dreaded Underworld don Irshad Dilawar . Project is named as Project Abhimanyu after the name of a heroic warrior of Mahabharata . For this mission three commandos are opted from the elite and Top secret wing named Unit Kilo , which doesn't exist on Papers but operates in surgical &  highly Classified operations . Team opted for this specific operation includes Captain Shamseer Suleiman , Lieutenant Rafiq Mehmood led by Major Imtiaz . Unit kilo is expert in counter-insurgency operations and Operations cross border upto few kms inside enemy border .And to gun  down Irshad in Karachi is very difficult nut to crack  and thus project named on Abhimanyu as the legendary warrior had broken the Chakravyua but could make out of it. This book takes you to the journey from New Delhi , Istanbul , Karachi and many other places . Author had successful in describing all the places which seems to come in front of eyes of reader while reading the book . 
Author had put tricks and  twists in the story by putting  group of Sydicate who too are on hunt of Irshad Dilawar headed by Al-Kamil who was hired by Musa Zawwai . To be honest I really loved the way Author portrayed Al-Kamil as a real devil . Al-Kamil got a name Katzav which means Butcher in herbew .
With turning pages , new quetions started alerting the reader which kept a reader hooked and Many unexpected actions occur like Quest of Aborting the mission in between , Tour of Colonel Mohan to Pakistan via oman , And The bigget twist comes up with a fact that makes this book really worth of praise . Its the last line of Page 214 which let the readers jaw fall . 

Keywords to be used for Book :- ISI , R&AW , Truth , Betrayal , Trust , Sacrifice , Patriotism , India , Pakistan

Author had successfully given two messages in my point of view through this book :- 

1) All Three commandos chosen to Intrude in enemy's territory and to carried out an assault on Nation's enemy are Muslims . With this , I think Author tries to convey a message that our Mighty Nation got soldiers for whom their only religion is Serving their Nation .

2) In the beginning , author described Unit Kilo in details giving an expression to the readers that there are many heros who worked out of the spot light round the clock for the Nation . In case they are ever caught , their Government will exercise "Plausible-Denaibility " meaning that those soldiers aren't the citizen of their Nation .These unnamed heros who worked for the betterment of their country and protect it silently from many evils and In case they are caught , sadly but their country disown them . 

This is a Must Read especially for all those who are interested in Defence , espionge reading not just in india but also in abroad .And I'm really looking forward to see a motion picture on this book 


Title: The Karachi Deception
Author: Shatrujeet Nath
ISBN: 978-93-82618-35-5
Genre: Thriller
Publishers: Westland/Grey Oak
Price: INR. 225

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" This is Not a Paid Review ! The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbaised and uninfluenced . "

                                             - Rahul Rai Khatri

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