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Spine Chiller Kalyug ........

A pacy thriller which is  unique in its own . A Book with an idea of coup in the largest Democracy of the world, Republic Of India . I believed in a simple principle that " Learn everything that you get because one day it'll definitely gonna be in use " So the same lies with this book which gives brief idea of a possible coup in a Democracy . 

On a contaminated white cover lies shoe pair . A typical old one as What Army men used to wear . Especially the Special forces . Shoes shown are quite old and the soles of the shoes are laced with blood . This picture of Shoes completely resembles with the story inside the book . And Front cover always held importance while picking book , so Its apt . Beneath the shoes lies the name of the book KALYUG in Red and black colour symbolising the blood shed and The evil . Shadow of Soldiers are made as background to the name . 5/5 for front cover .

Back cover too hold the same contaminated white design . A brief is printed with Black colour on left and with Red on right portion .Beneath the left text lies a photograph of The Front view of The Rashtrapati Bhawan . And The right side shows blood shed ! 5/5 for back cover too .
" He looked at his gun once more. The helplessness left him, in its place was a hardened resolve that he would still have the final say. A third option. The middle-finger to the middlemen who had driven him to this. A few moments later, Major General Iqbal Qureshi fired the shot that shook the nations conscience.

The death of a decorated war veteran, one of India's foremost military officials, triggers a chain of events that threatens to spiral out of control. The democratically-elected government is overthrown and a new one is formed in its place.A fierce and pure regime that promises it's people the kind of governance they have been deprived of. Just. Fair. Unyielding. Operation Kalyug has begun. 

Caught in the middle is Bala Murali Selvam, a writer who is still tormented by the memories of his persecution at the hands of the erstwhile-establishment. As the new government battles factions fighting for control, international intervention, personal agendas and incompatible motives, Selvam is swept along, a bewildered-pawn in a high-stakes game. Forced to question everything he has believed so far, even his innate sense of justice, Selvam struggles to choose sides. Will his instincts fail him when he needs them the most?  "

Book is narrated in 3rd person (Major Part ) and Ist person as Balamurali Selvam who is portrayed as author of a book on a possible coup which result his defamation and Hangout in Jail and court rooms . Plot revolves around Operation Kalyug which is a codename for a coup in India which triggered after death of an Army Major -General . Major General sucide , a man who had his principles always at top and like a true soldier , is accountable to his fellow soldiers and the men he's leading . In past ,  17 soldiers left the camp for higher altitudes of himalyas and the comoflauged suits that were issued to them succumbed to the cold when fabric started to rip . Major-General wants to bring his out in open but is targeted by pressure around him .  Coup was basically managed by Jagannath , Nelson and Raghav under the name of INSAF , a group formed in 2007 from the result of scams and corruption hiking in the government . PM was detained and President on commands of Nelson takes over the government . Stances that I love in plot includes  Ist part of National address which is to-the-mark one and the act when Indian men intruded inside White House after a deadly attack on Indian President Convoy  makes the book more riveted and a true SPINE-CHILLER KALYUG & MUST-READ .

" ........Where uncomfortable questions would be answered in uncomfortable ways "

Title: Kalyug
Author: R . Sreeram
ISBN: 978-93-84030-65-0
Genre: Thriller
Publishers: Westland Books
Price: INR. 395

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This is Not a Paid Review ! The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbaised and uninfluenced . "

                                             - Rahul Rai Khatri

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