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Mind-Ravishing Thriller ! With agile story ....... 

Front Cover ~>
Name of the Book  
DARING DAROGA  Tagged in Yellow colour and beneath it is the Artistic view of a Police Officer with a red scarff tied along neck , a Police Jeep and a hand gripping Knife . And in the bottom of very cover lies the extended name of book " KILLER IN THE  SHADOWS ! " and name of the author " Amit Nangia " .

Back Cover ~>
 On Back Cover lies a basic Bio of the protagonist , Gist of the book and a brief on Author with Dark green background on the whole except the orange flame on low-left corner .
Inside View ~>
No Doubt , Writing is flawless and self-page-turner . Author had described his Protagonist , Inspector Abhay Pandey, as a fearless police official who drives his jeep with Music system playing Bollywood songs staring Salman khan .Basically the concept of Police inspector is taken from the Bollywood Movie Dabang . Author had embedded characters like Shukla Ji and Mishra ji to make the plot humorous with their actions and dialogues .
Writing flung open with dead body of a man found in a Public Toilet , with a photograph of a woman named Naina Sinah in his pocket with bundle of Bucks . Naina Sinha recieved threatning calls , followed by an attempt to kill her . Her life is filled with deep secrets and everybody from her past had something to hide . Her parents were killed years ago and every rotten thing going on since the day she landed in her birth-town convinced her that it was linked to her parents murder .
Author had made the plot hilarious by pushing some stances like Someone's buffalos had been stolen and Chamiya Fund .
In all I found this book truly riveting , which keep the reader hooked till last page and ensures a Bang-for-the-bucks Book:) . Only Situation that incur while reading , which makes it a bit difficult pick for Non-Hindi background readers , is that there are stances where Author had put Dialogues in Roman Hindi . I Think , author had to put translated version of dialogues in English . Otherwise its a Dabang-Book.


Title: Daring Daroga : Killer In The Shadows !
Author: Amit Nangia
ISBN: 978-93-82665-33-5
Genre: Thriller
Publishers: Srishti Publishers & Distributors 
Price: INR. 80

DARING DAROGA : KILLER IN THE SHADOWS! is available at following Online stores

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                                                 - Rahul Rai Khatri 

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