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After All This Time

Ready To Thrash All Records.........

Another Sensational Novel with Sensitive Ending ! 

Another masterpiece  which led the reader on journey from Sorrows , depression , happiness, friendship , betrayal , cheating and true love . Author has presented the story in a promising way . Every single line leaves the thread of emotion . After All This Time is a Romance/Fiction Novel  , penned by Best-Selling Author Nikita Singh . 

And a line on Front Cover Caught my Attention What happens when the things you’re running from becomes the thing you’re running to ? &  compel me pick the book .

Front Cover ~>
Book has a beautifully done cover with Dark Bluish Colour on upper row and lightend as coming down  to bottom with Author's name written on the bottom , in the middle comes Praise from the Hindu and beneath is the Name " After All This Time " in yellow and an artistic view of a landscape portraying a Guy and a girl standing on the horizon staring at stars with their bike parked along . This artistic view had been taken from a prose inside the book .

Back Cover~>
Back Cover worked with same background colour over which is a short transcript about the inside story .

What if you find out it's end of the road for you? Lavanya gets the shock of her life when she discovers that she's HIV positive. The revelation shakes her out of the monotony that her life has become. It's time for a change. She finally dumps her loser boyfriend, quits her high paying but extremely demanding job and goes back home to meet her family after nearly seven years. At home she finds a bucket list and she knows it's a sign of what she needs to do. With her is an old neighbor and friend who's just broken off with his girlfriend. Sparks begin to fly!However, what she learns is that you really need to live before you begin to love. "


Plot is written in third person. 
The story revolves around Shourya and Lavanya as main protagonist . Started with lavanya , a Harvard graduate , who was working in a company named PSM in Newyork under a ruthless boss Carter and events revolved in a manner that a day comes when she was diagnosed with HIV and with same erupts her anger over Mr. carter for exploiting her and Days later , she fly down to her hometown New Delhi .
Shourya on otherside working as well as studying for further courses , passed out from UCB . He flied down to california years ago with her girlfriend Deepti to pursue higher studies . Earlier , in Delhi , he tutored his gf for harvard and even left the chance to study at harvard because she wasn't able to make it to harvard . The only college that accepted both of them was University of California , Berkeley . So Shourya decided to enroll in UCB , Deepti didn’t dispute his decision . Years later , settling to US , he found out that her gf cheated on him and had  affair with his roomie .
Later  he visited back to New Delhi for his Sister's wedding and its revealed that lavanya and Shourya were best friends since KG and they pick up relationship from where they left as best friends . Time pass and as the day of return of Shourya gets nearer , they felt they are nothing without each other .

With this sweet love story , Author also revealed a harsh relationship of  Daughter and Father . A daughter who hate her father for being in a extra-marital affair with a teacher which cost  her  embarrassment in school years .  This instance was put to let the reader know that People do mistake but if they are truly sorry for that , then they deserve another chance too J

Another interesting instance that author had put in the book is " Toughy " , lavanya's dog who lost one leg while fighting from dogs when he was of few days . Toughy is  portrayed as cheerful and enjoying throughout the book .

This book let the reader believe that everything happens for a reason and even bad things too happen for a reason which ultimately leads to bright future  . We usually ignore  people who truly care for us and run for those who are good in pretending things . So SHOULD NOT LET TRUE PEOPLE SLIP FROM YOUR HAND
In short its a Emotion pack book . MUST READ  and my favourite line from Book is as followed : 
‘ Thank You ‘ She laughed . As they sat down , she whispered to him , ‘ You Gave Me Peace , in a lifetime of War .
Author had put some rocky words too to ensure that reader not just enjoy but also get benefited in term of his/her vocabulary .


Title: After All This Time
Author: Nikita Singh
ISBN: 978-0-143-42485-7
Genre: Romance
Publishers: Penguin Metro Reads 
Price: INR. 175

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This is Not a Paid Review ! The Opinions expressed in the review are my own , and remain unbaised and uninfluenced . "

                                             - Rahul Rai Khatri

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